Sports Massage & Tri Coaching



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Triathlon Coaching


We offer a range of coaching to suit all abilities and needs including:


  • Cycling

  • Triathlon

  • Running

  • Swim technique

Our Coaching Services


Before engaging in a coaching relationship with an athlete we meet with them to discuss and ensure we have a full understanding of their goals and motivations, their sporting background and their current lifestyle. That way we can ensure that we prescribe the most specific a d personal training for them.


We offer three levels of Personal Coaching:


Basic: This includes personal training plans being provided on a monthly basis and a monthly catch-up to review and feedback on how the previous block of training has gone and make any necessary adjustments for the next period of training.


Intermediate: As above but this works on a weekly basis so training is more specific and amendments to training are made on a weekly basis.


Advanced: This option is based on providing weekly updates similar to the Intermediate services but uses a world class on-line training package. This enables the coach to set sessions on-line and the athlete can download all their training data from heart rate monitors etc. into the system which can then be analysed and training adjusted accordingly.


On a Saturday afternoon and Monday evening we host our Swim Squad sessions. These sessions cater for all abilites and cover technique as well as training. We can provide Open Water swim coaching and a comprehensive swim video analysis service.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information regarding any of our coaching services.


For more information, take a look at our top tips and training discussions.